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The April 2010 Newsletter

Next Meeting – 19th April 2010 R.A.F.A. Wings Club 12:00 p.m.

The March meeting was well attended, with a very enjoyable lunch. Unfortunately our speaker for the day (WO2 Si Ransom) was called away on duty, he will, if duty allows reschedule for May.

Birthday Wishes
Birthday wishes for April are extended to Jenny Brown and Doreen Dickenson 2nd, Peter Smith 5th, Henry Stone 15th and Ronald Lewis 18th. We are missing some of the Ladies birthdays’ so if you would like your birthday (not your age) remembered please let us know.

Next Meeting
19th April 2010 R.A.F.A. Wings Club 12:00 p.m. There will be a presentation by Richard Lupton from Help for Heroes. Richard is the Group Co-ordinator, Somerset. He will be bringing merchandise to sell (profits going to Help for Heroes) so bring along any spare cash!

Wheelchair Don’t forget that we now have our own self propelled wheelchair for short term use by any branch member. This is being garaged at Bill King’s. If anyone would like use of it please contact any committee member.

South Devon Unveiling and Dedication of Memorial
The Unveiling and Dedication of the Memorial in Paignton on Sunday 28th March went off very well and the South Devon Branch laid on an extremely moving parade. Our members who attended the unveiling were very impressed by the memorial; anyone visiting Paignton will find it on Paignton sea front opposite the Shore restaurant. All eyes were on the weather, the forecast was anything but good with heavy rain the order of the day. Our luck held, it started raining 30mins after the parade finished. By that time we were all enjoying a very nice buffet.

Thank you
A Big Thank You to Bill, Alan and Eddie for inviting us all to their Memorial evening in memory of Joyce, Christine and Blossom, the Tone Valley Jazzmen were very well received and a very enjoyable buffet was laid on by the Wings Club.

“Airborne 70”. News Update!
Branches are reminded the above event is being organised by 16 Air Assault Brigade and not RHQ PARA. The office of the PRA is attempting to gather information and pass to branches as soon as it becomes available. The latest information available is that unlike the Colchester Military Festival, this event is taking place inside the secured area of Merville Barracks. Visitor’s car parking will be on Abbey Fields, which is the large grassed area adjacent to the barracks where the Colchester Festival took place in 2009. There is no overnight parking or camping facilities on Abbey Fields. Those attending with Campervans or camping are advised to seek local campsite facilities. Merville Barracks is a disabled compliant facility and apart from disabled drivers, there will be no car parking within Merville Barracks. There will be the usual dining facilities available to visitors; however Soldiers Dining rooms and Messes will not be open to visitors. Branches intending to visit are requested to supply a nominal roll to Sandy which contains the names of all members and their guest including adults over 18 who require entry tickets. They are also requested to bring some form of photographic identification to show as and when required. (This is an extract from the RHQ Newsletter, anyone that is attending please let me have names so I can prepare nominal roll).

Events 2010
May 17th
Presentation by WO2 Si Ransom, Permanent Staff Instructor Bishops Hull TA Centre.
Jun 7th Coffee morning
12th-18th Armed Forces Day Celebration Weymouth.
21st – 24th 3generationjump
Jul 4th ABFD (South) Portsmouth
16th Summer Dinner Dance Taunton Rugby Club.
24th “Airborne 70”. The 70th Anniversary of The Formation of Airborne Forces
Dec 3rd Branch Christmas Lunch, Taunton Rugby Club.
20thBranch Christmas Buffet

If anybody has any ideas for trips or outings please contact the Committee.

A passing thought: - The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, You got to put up with the rain Dolly Parton

Happy Landings


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